In Home Elderly Care Jobs – There Is Money to Make at In Home Elderly Care Jobs

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Caring for elderly citizens is an incredibly responsible business. This population is in a legal protective category that also includes dependent adults. It’s important to know that, before starting any business working with this population. All costumers should be treated with the utmost care, but again this customer base is under legal protection from any type of abuse. In providing services to the elderly, it may be required to report to the local Adult Protective Services; any neglect or abuse witnessed or suspected. Check with that agency for requirements.

The types of work available in elderly care jobs is endless and there is almost a guarantee that the industry will grow. It will grow because the largest age group in our nation is becoming senior citizens right this very minute. They are going to need service providers. They need service providers right now. Some jobs require licensing and/or certification including annual renewal. Other positions require no special elderly care license at all; just a license to do whatever different job specification chosen.

There are several options for landing an in home elderly care job; of course, these are not the only options, but the most commonly used.

1. Sole Proprietorship – There are positive and negative aspects in operating as a sole proprietorship. Realize that doing business as a sole proprietorship with the elderly population can be a tough sell. Because of past abuse by fly by night operations and the good work of numerous government agencies, elders have become educated to protect themselves against abuse by sole proprietors. This is not saying it is impossible; just difficult. The positive aspect to a sole proprietorship is you don’t have to give the agency a fee. Number three below will help with the problems mentioned in this section.

2. Hire through an elder care agency – This is the easiest, fastest way to make money. A person who possesses a number of skills will be kept busy constantly. Keep in mind that elderly care agencies are specialized. First by whether they are medical or non-medical. If you are planning to provide any medical services research beyond this article. It is a highly licensed certified field except for care giving and it is advisable to explore exactly what you can and cannot do as a care provider. This is where an agency can help. They assess an individual’s skills and assign jobs accordingly. They are well educated in the job requirements of positions available for their staff. Other elderly care agencies provide services that could fall under the category of concierge. If the customer needs it, they’ll find it. In addition, different agencies provide benefits such as bonding and insurance, background checks, and other hiring requirements that may be necessary.

3. Referral by non-profit community organizations – Government agencies are not allowed to give referrals to private businesses for the most part. But nonprofit community organizations can and do frequently. First you will have to convince them that you are a reliable, honest, and dependable service provider. Meet the challenge by asking what it is they expect as evidence of those qualities.


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